Nap tells the story of Napoleon Barragan, an Ecuadorian immigrant to New York whose incredible knack for business led him to found a multi-million dollar corporation…with a few incidents along the way.

From humble beginnings in South America, Barragan spent his early youth and young adulthood working tirelessly in various entrepreneurial endeavours, such as selling soda off the back of a donkey. Later, as a married man and father, he and his family emigrated to New York. There Barragan worked in factories and other low paying jobs, always with a hope to create something better. One day, Barragan found his inspiration in an ad for steak available for purchase over the phone. In 1976, Dial-A-Mattress was born— a mattress firm that would deliver mattresses sight unseen to your home.

Though Napoleon faced great odds as an immigrant without a college degree, Dial-A-Mattress went on to make hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, and employ hundreds of New Yorkers. As time went on in the life of Napoleon and the company, disaster struck, and Barragan faced jail time, theft, and the tragic deaths of two of his four children, as well as his wife. Napoleon trekked on, until forced to admit defeat as the company filed for Bankruptcy and sold to his long time rival, Sleepy’s.

Nap is a story that ought to be told, of a man who through sheer power of the will was able to overcome his circumstances and make it in the greatest city in the world.